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Dollar Vigilante Ed Bugos on Iran, Gold, Bitcoin, Monero, US National Debt & The Dollar

Edmond Bugos, gold analyst at the Dollar Vigilante, was kind enough to answer our questions. Thank you to Ed for his insightful, Austrian-minded look at current events and the gold market. Bugos talks geopolitical tensions in the Middle East, and how those might play out, as well as the implications there for gold. He also discusses how Bitcoin has been a boon for the precious metals market.

With the drone attack and news of Iran general Qasem Soleimani’s death, what could a destabilizing Middle East region mean for gold prices and why? What is unique today in 2020 about the relationship between gold and Middle East stability?

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Why Are Countries Repatriating Their Gold From The US?

Many countries are asking for their gold back from the United States. Is this a symptom of a declining empire or merely a matter of convenience for those nations asking for their gold back?

The United States has held onto much of Europe’s gold since the post-World War II period due to perceived stability on the North American continent. Read More

This Sign From The Press Could Be Bearish For Gold

The mainstream is alit with stories covering gold and silver now that each has fallen through any semblance of resistance.  CNBC is leading the charge, having published six stories in the 24 hours preceding 4:30pm PST on Tuesday. The six stories are as follows:

What caused the ‘Vomiting Camel’ pattern in gold?

Gold edges up from 4-year low as dollar rally pauses

Here’s the tragic irony of the gold bubble: Pro

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What Were On Those 500,000 Acres In New Mexico Obama Just Made A National Monument Anyway?

[heading]What Were On Those 500,000 Acres In New Mexico Obama Just Made A National Monument Anyway?[/heading]

Barack Obama just made the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks region the largest national monument created during his presidency.

On Wednesday the President signed a proclamation to turn half-a-million New Mexico acres into a national monument protected from development.

And so now the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument now represents the largest national monument created under the Obama Administration, twice the size of the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, which is also in New Mexico. Read More

Gold Demand In China Will Rise 25 Percent Over Next Four Years

[heading]Gold Demand In China Will Rise 25 Percent Over Next Four Years[/heading]

Everyone has heard the murmurs regarding increased gold demand. Most people think that those buying gold are a bit crazy. In the US, just a small chunk of the population – less than 1% probably – have bought gold.

In China, the story is must different. Read More

Gold Price Lower After Easter Holiday

[heading]Gold Price Lower After Easter Holiday[/heading]

After a price rise and signs of bullishness, gold has fallen to a two-and-a-half-week low due to thin trading after the Easter Holiday.

Gold’s price was hurt in part by technical selling after it could not hold the $1,300 an ounce level with many people foreseeing a bottom at $1,280.

“One aspect is that the market is pretty thin today and liquidity is going to be constrained,” said Victor Thianpiriya, an analyst at ANZ. Read More

Many Indian Firms Halt Gold Bullion Sales At Government Request

[heading]Many Indian Firms Halt Gold Bullion Sales At Government Request[/heading]

Did we just get the reason for a renewed down-leg in precious metals?

Showing the clout of government, Indian private firms have agreed to a virtual ban on gold bullion.

Jewelers, banks such as ICICI Bank and Axis Bank, Non Banking Finance Companies and public sector banks throughout India have ceased selling gold coins and bars for six months.

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