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Germany Recognizes Bitcoin As “Private Money”

[heading]Germany Recognizes Bitcoin As “Private Money”[/heading]

Is Bitcoin legitimate? Is Bitcoin illegitimate? This is something for individuals to decide, not countries. But, what does it mean that country’s are adapting to decentralized currencies, and what effectiveness will they show in the long term? Only time will tell.

Bitcoin’s legitimacy continues to be asserted as yet another government has gone so far as to give the decentralized virtual currency “private money” status.

Germany has recognized Bitcoin for legal and tax purposes, meaning it is the first country to take an official stance on the status of using the online currency as money.

Bitcoin To Replace Pennies & Nickels?

[heading]Bitcoin To Replace Pennies & Nickels?[/heading]

In this month’s edition of Futurist magazine, an article asked experts what they did not expect to be around in thirty years. One individual in particular, Virginia Holbert, responded:

 “pennies and other coins are becoming less useful, as parking meters, tolls, and public transits use smartcards and RFID technologies to streamline payment. Presumably by 2030 we will also see widespread acceptance of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin.”

Where Broken Dreams Reside: The End Of Gold’s Bull Market & The $70 Trillion Debt

[heading]Where Broken Dreams Reside: The End Of Gold’s Bull Market & The $70 Trillion Debt[/heading]

“The gigantic, decade-long rally I don’t think will be repeated, at least in my lifetime,” said Michael Aronstein, 60, president of Marketfield Asset Management LLC, which manages more than $13 billion in New York. Aronstein predicted the 2008 slump in commodities prices and the 2009 rebound.

Yet, the demand of goldbugs remains stalwart indeed. How can one argue with a metal that has kept the attention of humans since it was fashioned into decorative objects and jewelry on the coast of the Black Sea 6,000 years ago?

In mainstream press epistemes, however, the gold bull market is over.

16 Reasons Why Silver Is Still An Investment Of A Lifetime

[heading]16 Reasons Why Silver Is Still An Investment Of A Lifetime[/heading]

Forget silver. It’s not going anywhere. After all, it hasn’t for two years!

Since silver bullion tested the critical $50 psychological level, a two+ year consolidation period has left sentiment at an all-time low. While the mainstream was once enamored with silver bullion, since April 2011 the mainstream has gone quiet.

But, rest assured, there are still a myriad reasons why silver is a great investment, and here are 20 of them.

What Three Things Do Rich People Wish They Did More Of?

[heading]What Three Things Do Rich People Wish They Did More Of?[/heading]

You’re keeping up with the Joneses. Or, rather, you’re trying to keep up with the Joneses.

But, it’s tough. What are their secrets? How did they get so rich? More importantly, how did they get rich and stay rich? For many, staying rich proves to be an even harder task than accumulating wealth in the first place.