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Cards Like Wirex’s Put Cryptocurrencies in Your Wallet

Usually, when people think about cryptocurrency, it’s on hard drives, cell phones or third-party exchanges. But, cryptocurrency debit cards have long been an exciting frontier for crypto-enthusiasts.

The large San Francisco-based exchange, Coinbase, has offered a debit card, the Shift Payment Card, which allows users to gain access to their cryptocurrency just like their bank accounts. But, the largest cryptocurrency exchange is hardly alone in offering such a service. Read More

Bitcoinomics, Chapter 16: A Menu of Cryptograhic Currencies

[heading]Bitcoinomics, Chapter 16: A Menu of Cryptograhic Currencies[/heading]

 Without getting into all the arcane questions about where money comes from and what it really means, I think, as a first cut, decentralizing that and giving people the choice of which currency to use is an important starting point.” – Peter Thiel

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