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Russia Buys Gold

While it is true the Russian central bank has been buying increasing amounts of gold, it is not totally clear what sorts of motivations are behind the buying. Though when one looks at Vladimir Putin’s recent statements, it does become clearer what these might be in order to leverage in an increasingly multi-polar world, moved away from the more dollar-based system.

Forbes thinks it is more likely “a small financial detail, a little wriggle in Russian public policy about precious metals sales.”

Russia Prefers Gold To US Paper

[heading]Russia Prefers Gold To US Paper[/heading]

The United States (US) and the European Union (EU) have threatened sanctions against Russia, but even these efforts have seemed lackluster, as namely Europe seems reluctant to step on Russia’s toes. In the meantime, Russia has made moves to tighten its relationship with emerging world superpower China, causing those two nations to move towards closer trade and sometimes trade that circumvents the US Dollar altogether.

Since the Ukraine crisis worsened this year Russia and China have worked closer together, but there are some things Russia is not interested in selling to China, and what they are might be very telling for investors.