The Awakening Of Edward Snowden

The Awakening Of Edward Snowden

[heading]The Awakening Of Edward Lowden[/heading]

What makes “Millenials” so different? Well, for many Millenials, some of our most formidable life experiences took place between the years of 1990-2001.

What makes 1990-2001 so much different than the rest of the dates on a relative timeline? Not very much. Except for this one thing: there was no boogie man prevalent in the subconscious mind of these individuals. Their parents would not experience such a time, and neither would their children


What do I mean by “there was no boogie man?” By that I mean there was no collective group deemed a threat to the entire collective of a nation – for our parents it was the Soviet Union/Communist threat, and for our children and us it has been and will be terrorism. And so, we grew up in life with a rather idyllic version of the world.

It could be that Edward Snowden is a prime example of a millenial life.

In 2009, four years ago, as Snowden was 25,  somebody using his screen name  appears to have trashtalked leakers, telling a friend of Edward’s that leakers “should be shot,” according to the chat logs made public on Wednesday by Ars Technica, which hosted the exchanges.

“They’re just like WikiLeakers,” the person using the screen name wrote in January 2009. The person on the other end of the discussion wrote, “They’re just reporting, dude.”

“They’re reporting classified” material, wrote the user behind Edward’s screen name. “Those people should be shot” in their privates.

The messages stem from Switzerland between 2007 and 2009 and thus appear to closely match the timing of Mr. Snowden’s service in Geneva as a CIA technician. There is some uncertainty as to whether the text file “evidence” is real. The New York Times, to be sure, has reported as if it stands up to tests.

If true, Snowden’s once condemnation of leaks could be a number of things.  Regardless of how the evolution occured, Snowden now sits in the Sheremetveyo Airport in Moscow, hiding from American prosecutors who have charged him with espionage and theft of government property for leaking the NSA material.

The Guardian has reported that Mr. Snowden said in an interview that his disenchantment with American intelligence efforts began with his work for the CIA in Switzerland, in Edward’s mid-twenties.

There is one piece of the storyline that does add up as per Edward Snowden’s Awakening; that is, swimming in a sea of digital soup, the Millenial generation experiences life different than does the older generation. And having that subtle wisdom of a world in which no boogie man exists, many are discontented by the way things are.

And, thus, Edward Snowden could be a true product of his time: a succesful Millenial with a hint of recklessness, a fish in a digital sea.

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