The Daily Coin Talks Gold, Russia, Bitcoin & Art

The Daily Coin Talks Gold, Russia, Bitcoin & Art

As a daily contributor at for the past three years Rory has written dozens of original articles and interviewed some of the top precious metals professionals in the industry, as well as top preparedness specialists in the world. YouTube Channel, The Daily Coin, was launched in February 2014 and website was launched April 25, 2014. As a student of monetary, financial and economic history for the past seven years Rory has learned to watch the markets with an open mind and with a hand on his wallet.

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GSB: Thanks for joing us today!

DailyCoin: My pleasure.

GSB: What led to your questioning of the status quo?

DC: 1986 was the first time that I was mistreated by corporate America. Once I got over the sting and the trauma of my experience I “dropped-out” and found myself off-grid for almost ten years. It was during this time that I began questioning everything, including my own existence. This was the first leg of my research into how life works. I knew something was terribly wrong, I just wasn’t sure how to describe my thoughts or what the problem was–I just knew something wasn’t right with our world. I was homeless for most those of those years and life looks a lot different when you are constantly traveling and reading, your perception changes.

GSB: What current trends are most pressing in your mind in terms of the global economy?

DC: The manipulation and conspiracies to rig markets on a global scale means we have no free markets what-so-ever. No free markets, no real economy. Chris Powell said it best, There are NO free markets anymore, just interventions. How can humanity expect to be free when our currency is OWNED by a criminal organization that reports to no one, is accountable to no one and has the blessing of most of the Western world governments? Until this changes, there is no economy, local, national or global–only interventions and theft.

GSB: What have you learned about Russia’s alternative to the SWIFT system?

DC: It will be launching in May 2015 and President Putin is determined to have it work outside the dollar paradigm. Will he meet his goal? Only time will tell. Once it goes live, we may see a need for some type of false flag or simple attack on Russia. Whatever happens, the dollar and the entire dollar system will be profoundly affected. Global trade will be affected in ways that will change the way countries do business. Will this happen over night? Probably not, but rest assured it is coming a lot sooner than later.

GSB: What are some major developments out of the BRIC nations you have been following?

DC: The BRICS seem to be an important step in the next paradigm. In a recent interview I conducted with Dave Kranzler, we discussed how three of the five nations are playing key roles in the development of the coming new world–will it be a New World Order? Not sure. What I am sure of is this Brazilian President Rousseff made it very clear in October 2012 that Brazil would develop and deploy an internet system that is outside of the current Google, Apple paradigm. Verizon and the NSA run the internet. This is scheduled to run through all five of the BRICS nations, beginning in Brazil and ending in Russia. China is heading the BRICS Development Bank in Shanghai, which means they have one piece of the financial puzzle, while Russia, as stated,  is deploying the alternative to the SWIFT system in May–another very important part of the financial puzzle.  These three pieces working in concert with one-another will be the architecture which fuels the SCO.

The BRICS are all members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) which is currently enjoying ZERO coverage by the Western CIA-Operation MOCKINGBIRD prestitutes. The SCO is going to encompass approximately 60% of the global natural resources. The SCO will also encompass approximately 50% of the global population. The BRICS, in my opinion, once the SCO is functioning outside the dollar paradigm, will be the central government for all these nations that are members of the SCO. This could be the breaking point for the Western world. This will completely bankrupt NATO, the European Union and quite possibly the United States. Once Russia deploys the alternative to the SWIFT system, everything is going to change, in regards to the petro-dollar. The BRICS, along with all of their allies will no longer be captive to the Western world monetary system.

GSB: Gold and silver have started the New Year off well. Do you expect this to continue?

DC: We have NO free markets, only interventions. Until the Chinese announce how much gold they have acquired the COMEX will continue to be the entity that sets the exchange rate for gold and silver. Once China begins setting the price of gold and silver we may see free market action.

The COMEX works in conjunction with the bullion banks that determine the price. The bullion banks are allowed to move the price around as they wish and as they are told. If the price gets too high, the COMEX and their criminal friends will step in and smash the price as they have shown over the past four years. Rational people who are trying to make money and generate profits do not sell an entire years worth of global production in a matter of minutes.

GSB: What are your favorite coins?

DC: Right now I have several. I really like the new Bison 1.25 oz silver coin coming out of the Royal Canadian Mint. Very unique government issued coin.  The Birds of Prey series that the RCM is producing is another favorite. There is a collectors coin, only 2,000 minted, the Black Rhino, which may be the most beautiful coin in my collection.
What are your thoughts on Bitcoin?

Crypto currencies are 100% digital, which is the banksters dream come true. I understand there are some very smart people, including yourself, that firmly believe in crypto currencies. I prefer invisible transactions. Does Bitcoin have a place? I believe there will always be a need for digital currencies, especially ones that are outside of the current dollar paradigm.

If crypto currencies are going to make it, there needs to be a way for the average person to acquire them without having to buy or sell something. 100 years ago it was not necessary to buy or sell an item in order to acquire gold and silver, they were earned, usually, through labor. When that day arrives, and apparently it is coming sooner rather than later according to an article in ZH today, and people can trade labor for crypto currency they will be here to stay. Until then, the average person will not understand them, nor will they want them in their “wallet”.

GSB: How do you find balance in life?

DC: I pray. More and more everyday. I spend time with my wife and listen to her and what she has to say. My wife used to cry when I would attempt to discuss these subjects. Now she understands the banksters are the enemy to humanity. She still lives, for the most part, in the dream world with the Kardashians, Dancing with the Stars and all that noise, but she helps me to maintain a sense of balance when we talk and are just hanging out. We like to travel and when we leave home, the scenery is not the only thing that changes.

GSB: What things interest you other than socio-economics?

DC: I have maintained an art studio for almost 25 years. My primary focus during that time has been stained glass, but I have also written several hundred poems, created approximately 100 paintings and attempted to write many songs. Art is huge in my life. The only conversations that matter, in my opinion, are God, Art, People and Life, everything else is just talking about the weather. And if I need t know about the weather I can simply look out a window.

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