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The Entrepreneurial Spirit The World Needs Now

David Emslie, Owner and Operator of Prospector’s Gold & Gem, recently recounted his entrepreneurial journey. His lessons are timely, and something everyone should read.

“People told me I was crazy for wanting to make things,” he wrote on Facebook. “That doing any kind of manufacturing in the USA was foolish. Too expensive, didn’t make any sense.”

Everyone told him China is cheaper (or any other place). Do that. He just looked at them as if they were insane. He wanted to make things using local goods. It has made him a more dynamic entrepreneur. He can meet needs and demand.

There’s a lot of other things he can do, too.

“Solve problems and preserve institutional knowledge of how to do things that others, quite frankly…see as magic. It really makes myself. And my people. And my clients happy that I am around.”

He can turn people’s old jewelry into new jewelry and other items. He also supplies materials for other manufacturers of finished product for sales and stores of wealth.

He finds satisfaction in meeting the needs of people. “The ability to convert things from one to another is an amazing thing,” he wrote. “Especially when it has use as a raw material or product.”

He says it’s also fun to solve problems.

“During this crisis the people I work with are able to do amazing things with me to help people meet their needs,” he wrote.

Emslie started Prospector Gold & Gems,a gold and silver refiner, 21 years ago this week. “I never dreamed it would become as big as it has,” he wrote. “Especially as I take steps to launch the business into something that is ten times the size of what it is now. Albeit other industrial processing included to bring back the power of American manufacturing and resources development.”

He believes he is working to make people lives better. “The old saying better living through chemistry rings just as true today as it did in the past,” he wrote. “But during this time people are re-evaluating what has happened over the last few decades and what a mistake was made.”