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Tom Brady Looks To Clinch Playoff Berth As Retirement Questions Loom

Tom Brady has lost more games this season than he has in any single season, but 6-7 is not a death sentence in the NFC South in 2022. Now, with Brady looking to hold onto his NFC South crown on Sunday night as Tampa Bay plays Arizona to clinch a shot at his eighth Super Bowl title, speculation season is well underway as we figure out whether or not he finally, conclusively, decides to hang up his cleats.

“You have to evaluate each and every season you are playing, they are all different and make you feel differently at the end of the season,” said Rob Ninkovich, a former teammate of Brady’s with the Patriots. “After this season, Brady might be thinking ‘I’m ready. I’m ready to move on to the next phase of my life’.

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He added: “When you look at Tampa Bay, you can’t put it all on Tom, but there have been some moments where you think ‘this does not look good’, and the team has underperformed at every level – coaching and playing. What they are right now is a bad football team that is leading their division…I would like to see Tom walk away, but I don’t see it happening. He is chasing something that he has already done enough.”

In his two seasons with the Bucs, Brady’s teams won 29 games, along with division, conference, and Super Bowl title. In 20 seasons he finished as the starter, Brady reached the playoffs 19 times, won 18 division titles, went 10-4 in conference titles and went 7-3 in the Super Bowl.

As the primary starter for the New England Patriots over the course of 18 seasons, the American footballer led the Patriots to 17 division titles (including 11 straight from 2009-2019), 13 AFC Championship Games (including eight straight from 2011-2018), nine Super Bowl appearances, and six Super Bowl titles, all NFL records for a player and franchise.

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