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Trump: ‘WWIII Has Never Been Closer Than It Is Right Now’

President Donald Trump has unveiled his plan to prevent war-mongering globalists from starting World War III. “World War III has never been closer than now,” said Trump in a video posted Tuesday to social media. He called out the warmongers at the State Department not only for supporting the Ukraines tumultuous conflict with Russia, but for supporting Ukraines bloody Maidan revolution rebellion in the Obama era.  

“For decades, we’ve had the very same people, such as [under secretary of state for political affairs] Victoria Nuland and many others just like her, obsessed with pushing Ukraine toward NATO, not to mention the State Department’s support for uprisings in Ukraine,” Trump remarked.

“These people have been seeking confrontation for a long time, much like the case in Iraq and other parts of the world, and now, we’re teetering on the brink of World War III. And a lot of people don’t see it, but I see it, and I’ve been right about a lot of things.”

Trump said Russia’s invasion of Ukraine wouldn’t have happened had he been in charge. “We need to get rid of the corrupt globalist establishment that has botched every major foreign policy decision for decades, and that includes President Biden, whose own people said he’s never made a good decision when it comes to looking at other countries and looking at wars.”

 The 45th President outlined how, if reelected, he would purge America-hating bad actors from the National Security Industrial Complex. 

“The State Department, Pentagon, and National Security Establishment will be a very different place by the end of my administration,” Trump stated.

“In fact, just into my administration it’ll be a very different place, and it’ll get things done just like I did four years ago. We never had it so good. We’ll also stop the lobbyists and the big defense contractors from going in and pushing our senior military and national security officials toward conflict, only to reward them when they retire with lucrative jobs—getting paid millions and millions of dollars.”

He added: “Take a look at the globalist warmonger donors backing our opponents. That’s because they’re candidates of war. I am the President who delivers peace, and it’s peace through strength. There was a reason we had no conflict, there was a reason we didn’t get into wars, because other countries respected us.”

Trump argues he could end the Ukraine conflict in 24 hours. “At the end of my next four years, the warmongers, and frauds, and failures in the senior ranks of our government will all be gone, and we will have a new group of competent national security officials who believe in defending America’s vital interests above all else.”

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