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Tucker: “We’re On The Verge Of A Great Revolutionary Moment In Human History”

Jeffrey Tucker ponders often why the world lived through lockdowns under the guise of a pandemic. “It was a ruling class fed up with the chaos that had been created out of digital innovation,” he concludes, citing Bitcoin as one example. “The rising sense that people had of their own freedoms.”

The founder of Brownstone Institute adds: “There’s a certain ruling class out there that just took the first opportunity to remind the world who’s boss, and that boss is the state and corporate elites backing the state, and vice versa.”

Tucker has been on the frontlines of dispelling COVID-19 and vaccine propaganda in part to fend off the actions of this power hungry ruling class.

“There was a reactionary drive to put us all back in cages because of the digital revolution,” said Tucker. “The communications technology smashed the media elites.” 

Many monopolies were being crushed, says Tucker. There was a lot going on, including growing emphasis on homeschooling and hybrid models of education.  “Corporations were facing increasing competition from a whole range of blockchain-based products. There were just a lot of great things happening in the world.” 

And then March 2020 hit. “It seemed like the referees just suddenly blew the whistle,” said Tucker. They said: “Ok, everybody: just stop doing everything.” 

But, Tucker believes the tide is turning. “We’re going to see the birth of a completely new world,” he said. “One with a scared ruling class and intimidated politicians, investigations about the administrative state, and a great suspicion about elites and what they want to do with us.” 

Tucker concludes: “We’re on the verge of a great revolutionary moment in human history towards human emancipation. It’s all been provoked by this overreach of the ruling class.” 

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