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What Bitcoin Knows Gold Does Not: The Syria Outcome

The last two weeks have seen Bitcoin climb back to $130 after collapsing from $266 to $80 in April. Since then, due to diverse hands entering the market, a sense of stability fell upon the Bitcoin market.

Then, in the wake of Syria war chanting, Bitcoin steadily moved beyond $100 and did not pause for perspective until $130. At time of this writing, Bitcoin stands at $122.

But, why?

Gold still rests below $1400. Considering rampant discussions on a military resolution in Syria, this is surprising. In times of international crisis, gold goes up…usually, that is.

But, Bitcoin knows what Rand Paul knows.

Even though Rand Paul is one of Congresses fiercest allies, he conceded that Congress will likely green-light his request to strike Syria.

“You’re probably going to win,” Sen. Rand Paul told Secretary of State John Kerry as Paul.

Even if a Syria strike is not okayed by Congress, the option will likely remain on the table. Bitcoin sees Syria for what it is: A strategic zone in the Middle East, a much desired ally or territory of not only the US, but also Russia and China.

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