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What Taco Bell Doesn’t Want You To Know About Silver Dollars

In the following commercial, the low-end Mexican-American fast food chain Taco Bell shows a grandfather passing on a Morgan Silver Dollar, which had been in the family for generations, to his grandson. He is explaining the long story of the coin’s history, and just as he is about to give the Silver Dollar to the kid, he notices that Taco Bell has an awesome deal: a $1 menu! He tells the kid “nevermind,” and heads over to Taco Bell. Unfortunately, things don’t look good for that old man.

He might be senile. First of all, how can he not know that the employees at Taco Bell will likely think he crazy when he tried to pay with an ancient coin? Second of all, if he does get the bang for his buck, then he will get $15 worth of food off the Taco Bell menu. If he eats too much of that stuff, he might die.

Right now, there is about $13.50 in a Morgan Dollar like the one in the commercial. That’s a lot of Seven Layer Burritos. Or so one would think…

In the YouTube description of the video, Taco Bell boldly proclaims they will gladly underpay you for your silver, and only in American-Mexican “food’ creations.

“A grandfather is faced with a difficult decision: pass on his precious silver dollar coin to his grandson? Or spend it on one of eleven craveable creations from Taco Bell’s new Dollar Cravings Menu?” – Taco Bell

Do they have a license to be buying precious metals, I wonder? Like many precious metals buyers, it seems Taco Bell doesn’t want you to know the true value of your metal.

See the video below:

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