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Zen Magnets Forges on After CPSC Case

Zen Magnets’ existence as a Denver-based Magnet sphere company has not been easy. The company, which once released a Zen Magnets Bitcoin Set, was brought to court over their products and lived to tell about the story. Today, as the only U.S.-based magnet sphere company, the company has pressed on after having their business threatened by federal authorities.

The company, which successfully fought the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), is led by Shihan Qu, a 30-year-old entrepreneur who has quite an impressive resume – especially after helping to overturn the first CPSC decision in more than thirty years.

The court case centered on Zen’s high-powered, neodymium magnets called ‘neoballs’.

“It’s been a giant red tape-lined pain in the butt,” Zen Magnets founder Shihan Qu told me for an article published on Medium. “Magnicube didn’t want to deal with fighting so they settled and recalled and we purchased their excess inventory. CPSC then said we were therefore selling a recalled product, and had technically ‘violated’ our competitor’s settlement agreement.”

Qu had spent $200,000 on them. “It wasn’t a sad event for me,” he says. “Acceptance came long ago. It was already a sunk cost. I was just completing actions that were already ordered.”

Now, months later, the company has pressed on.

This can be seen by their YouTube presence, in which the company recently documented a court-ordered destruction of half-a-million high powered magnets. That’s not all. The company has even recently uploaded a tutorial video, giving insights into the product they fought so hard to protect.

The Fidget Spinner, which has been used as a solution for ADHD, is one recent video. The production of the video itself is enough to elicit excitement in any casual magnet collector.

The video makes you wonder what the problem was in the first place with these wondrous magnets. Are they answers to many of humanity’s problems? With their recent spot for the Fidget Spinner, you might be left wondering if this is so.

Zen Magnet’s new Fidget Spinner’s come with a heavier frame than past versions, rust-proof full ceramic bearings, and has a wide button.

So, how can a Gold Silver Bitcoin loving individuals tell the CSPC what they think? Well, what better way than buying some Zen Magnets themselves. Check out their unique line of products over at

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